Stan understands that our citizens want a safe place to live, high quality education, stable and effective medical care and controlled, proactive growth and infrastructure within our communities.

He has always stood firm on fiscally and socially conservative principals with the belief that our government is meant to work for us – not the other way around. He will push back on any government policy that over-steps or over-regulates and he will fight the extreme liberalized ideology that seems to be pushing its way into our state. He will also champion legislation that ensures our district retains and improves the quality of life we came here for.

In order for our community to get the results we deserve, we not only have to speak up and fight hard for our conservative values, but we need to lead and be respected.

For the voice of the mountains to be heard at the State Capitol, we not only need an advocate but a true messenger for our shared conservative values and a leader who can build relationships and put these values to work for our community. Stan has proven to be an effective voice and a respected leader and he’s the right person to bring about this change for the future of our district.

Stan will fight for our deeply held conservative values, while articulating the importance of defending our traditions.

He will push back on the extreme liberalized ideology that is forcing its way into our state and reinforce the conservative agenda in our government.

  • Stan is pro-life, believing that life begins at conception and should be treated that way.
  • He supports our Second Amendment as a common-sense rule of law.
  • He will push back on any government policy that over-steps or over-regulates.


As a father and grandfather, Stan believes in the value of our school system while recognizing the importance of alternative choices and will speak up for the needs of our community.

  • Ensure proper funding and support is available to our students and teachers.
  • Fight to protect local control and expand access to resources that extend the high-quality education we have come to expect in our community.
  • Fight to make schools a safer sanctuary for education.


Stan will champion legislation that ensures our district is represented when it comes to protecting our hospital and medical services.

  • Healthcare policies that reduce costs and restore the focus on doctor-patient care.
  • Secure resources to strengthen services for our aging populations.
  • Increase well-care and prevention resources for families across the community.


Having run a private law practice, Stan is familiar with the challenges of business ownership.

Our district must be part of the narrative as Georgia remains the number one state to do business.

  • Reduce the burden of taxes and unnecessary regulations.
  • Promote agriculture as a leading industry in the district.
  • Bring jobs to the mountains while controlling our growth.


As a judge and prosecutor, Stan has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face our community.

  • Stan’s work in the Drug Court and Mental Health Court has improved our community and given him a perspective that will be instrumental to managing mental health and drug issues at the state level.
  • Support law enforcement by connecting resources to combat the growing concerns on internet crime.